A Rhubarb Cocktail (making magazine)

About a month ago, I was approached by the lovely folks at Making Magazine, who wanted a cocktail for their June issue.

Obviously, I was flattered and very excited. I was also absolutely terrified. I’ve designed drinks for bar menus and events. I make cocktails at home all the time. But the idea of sharing those drinks with, I don’t know, the entire readership of a national magazine? Wow.

After a lot of procrastinating and a bit of drinking (research, obviously!), this was the result – click for a larger version.
Tash Walker/Making Magazine 2014
I love making simple syrups to use in drinks. Infusing spirits tends to give a better flavour, but it takes time. And if a syrup doesn’t turn out how you want it, you can chuck it out. With spirits, on the other hand…well, I have a half-bottle of a ginger-infused vodka that somehow tastes exactly like lime cordial. It’s done three house moves with me but I still can’t bring myself to throw it away.

With this recipe, you could swap the gin for vodka or the syrup for a fruit liqueur. I’m looking forward to having it drizzled with Rhuby, a rhubarb and vanilla liqueur I tried this week.

If you want to find the magazine (and I’d highly recommend it if you enjoy crafts – I had literally no idea there were so many things you could do with twine and tons of patience) it’s out now and it looks like this!

Making Magazine June 2014
Happy drinking (:


Three Cocktails Everyone Should Know and ninetyeight bar

As I mentioned in my last post, I ran a cocktail masterclass at the fabulous ninetyeight bar and lounge in Shoreditch on the weekend.

ninetyeight bar and lounge
I’ve never been before but I popped downstairs to the bar for a drink after the class, and was pretty much blown away. The bar itself is accessed by a spiral staircase coming down from the street – it’s so tucked away that I had trouble spotting it (hint: look for the “Morrell House” frontage!) when I first arrived. The place is decorated beautifully, like a confectionary-themed Versailles.

ninetyeight bar and lounge ninetyeight bar and lounge

I love these puzzle pieces/coasters and the other fun little touches.

ninetyeight bar and lounge ninetyeight bar and lounge

Behind the bar are rows of perfume jars with home-made infusions – my friend had an amazing berry-infused Limencello concoction, which I’ve (very unprofessionally) forgotten the name of.

Anyway, enough rambling! Hit ‘read more’ to see my Mojito, Cosmo and Pink Bramble how-tos.

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just a quick update

Hey guys,

I was lucky enough to be invited to run a cocktail masterclass for a hen party in a fab bar in Shoreditch today. I’ll be posting the three drinks I taught the girls tomorrow, but for now, have a sneak peek of the gorgeous venue, ninetyeight bar and lounge.

Tash Walker 2014

Imagine if Marie Antoinette, Heston Blumenthal and Alice in Wonderland were sharing a beautiful high-ceiling apartment and you’ll understand why I fell in love with it!

Check back soon for my “Three Cocktails Everyone Should Know How To Make” piece – and a massive thanks to the lovely ladies I showed them to today! I’ve also got a few bits of pretty exciting news that I’ll be able to share towards the end of the week…

going home

My former hometown of Hastings, for all it’s downsides, is an awesome place, and it particularly excels when it comes to busting out the fancy dress, slapping on some facepaint and getting hammered.  There’s Pirate Day in July, where everyone dresses up as pirates and gets drunk. There’s Fat Tuesday jn February, an incredible four day music festival that culminates in a night of…well, dressing up and getting drunk. But one of my favourite days in the calendar is our May Day celebration, Jack In The Green.

Tash Walker 2014

Jack in the Green became a part of English May Day festivities in the 1800s (thank you, Wikipedia), and is often linked with pagan fertility rites. It died out during the later Victorian era, but was thankfully revived in the 1970s, and returned to Hastings in 1983. Nowadays, May Day in my hometown includes one of the biggest annual gatherings of Morris Dancers, a gigantic motorbike rally, and…a whole bunch of people covering themselves in leaves, flowers and green face paint and getting drunk. Behold!

Tash Walker 2014

Tash Walker 2014

Above is my wonderful best friend Abi, who had to put up with me shoving my camera in her face for the entire day – sorry!

Tash Walker 2014

Tash Walker 2014

As well as decorating themselves, people also extend the festivities to children, inanimate objects, and dogs.

Tash Walker 2014

Tash Walker 2014

Tash Walker 2014

You did me proud, Hastings…now roll on Pirate Day!