Apologies and a not very Secret Garden Party

I’ve had an amazing summer, but it’s been at the expense of this poor blog. Although I’ve had posts half-written and photos ready to go, generous brands sending me products to review, and (as always) an awful lot to say for myself, life really has got in the way.


Since I posted last I’ve worked at six festivals (with one still to go), had several photoshoots, and I’ve even been lucky enough to be involved in a documentary project shooting at Dungeness B, a nuclear power station. This is the first time I’ve been home for more than 36 hours in a week since June. It’s been wonderful, but I’m quite excited about normal life resuming – theoretically – at the start of October!

Before I catch up on a list as long as my arm of cocktails, recipes and photography, I thought I’d share a few photos from one of my favourite events of the summer: Secret Garden Party.

Untitled Untitled

The site itself was beautiful. We arrived on site a day before ticketholders, which meant an evening of wandering and enjoying the scenery without too many crowds!

UntitledI think one of things I enjoyed most was the number of art installations around the site. They ranged from beautiful typographic light features (I loved the one above) to a ‘cuddle shed’ where you could hug a stranger without ever seeing their face. Even ignoring the music, SGP had so much going on to discover, which is perfect for wanderers with short attention spans (ie me!)

Untitled Untitled

UntitledA group called the Ministry of Misinformation was responsible for a large number of tongue-in-cheek warning signs that were displayed across the site. I particularly enjoyed “WARNING: Daily Mail readers known to operate in this area”, but apparently I’d enjoyed too much cider to take a decent photo of it…

Untitled Untitled

Maybe the only downside was the huge number of seriously cool festival-going kids who made me feel very old. I overheard a six year old proudly telling her friend that she was going to see Beans on Toast “for the third time this year”, which made me want to call up my parents and ask why my summer holidays had consisted of camping in Cornwall. Too unfair!

Untitled Untitled

Looking through these photos has given me some serious festival blues. I’m off to Bestival next week – if you’re going to be there, track down the cocktail bar and come say hello!

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