Apologies and a not very Secret Garden Party

I’ve had an amazing summer, but it’s been at the expense of this poor blog. Although I’ve had posts half-written and photos ready to go, generous brands sending me products to review, and (as always) an awful lot to say for myself, life really has got in the way.


Since I posted last I’ve worked at six festivals (with one still to go), had several photoshoots, and I’ve even been lucky enough to be involved in a documentary project shooting at Dungeness B, a nuclear power station. This is the first time I’ve been home for more than 36 hours in a week since June. It’s been wonderful, but I’m quite excited about normal life resuming – theoretically – at the start of October!

Before I catch up on a list as long as my arm of cocktails, recipes and photography, I thought I’d share a few photos from one of my favourite events of the summer: Secret Garden Party.

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César Manrique’s Jardin de Cactus

My mum and I took a trip to Lanzarote last month. I had been expecting something a bit Benidorm-esque so I was thrilled to discover a stunning volcanic island of small white-washed houses, gorgeous blue sea and lots of work by the architect and artist César Manrique.

Born in 1919, his work provides an incredible contrast between the tradition and natural beauty of Lanzarote, and his own bold and graphic style of design. This came together at his home, which now houses the César Manrique Foundation, and features a living room built in a lava bubble – but more on that in another post!

Mum and I hired a car one day and decided to take a trip to his Cactus Garden. The place is a tribute to…well, cacti, as well as the stunning volcanic rock the island is covered in. With the addition of some small architectural features and an awful lot of wry humour, the gardens look like something out of a Pixar movie.

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I am a very disorganised person. This has been compounded in recent weeks by the fact that I’ve been travelling around the country to visit friends and do some bits of work. If I have a laptop, my camera and an internet connection at the same time, I’m generally so excited that I forget what I’m meant to be doing (blogging) and end up watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother instead. Hey, it happens!

This is why it’s taken me two ENTIRE weeks to get round to posting about London (but I have watched like half a season of HIMYM…)


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